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  1. Hey, i wanted to give u some good suggestions to make the game fun and better for the community, well i have only 2 things lol the first one is that i think u should add more objects on the map so it feels more like cruise, i feel like the built in lfs maps are big and meant for racing, so adding more objects would make the game more fun and make u feel like u are in a city instead of a racing map for example adding road blocks so people can slow down, adding more speed bumps and adding more barriers and overall make it seem like u are in a city NOT a racing map And also with roadblocks i mean the ones where people have to go around it not the one that u completely block the road with Also cruise is meant for driving normally not seeing everyone speeding and offroading etc. Sure if someone offroads around u the cops are gonna stop him but the speeding part is not always controlled because first u can speed like the cameras are not there and second u might find places that dont have cameras and people can speed in it freely. So thats why i think u should add more barries and make the map more tighter so that people don't always speed and so u can feel like u are driving in a city Now i wanna talk about the servers so i dont think 40 players a server is not enough as LFS pro cruise #1 and #2 are sometimes both full, and it would be better if everyone sticks to one servers, it would also add up to the city vibes and it would also be harder for people speed as alot of players will be there. Pretty much making it feel like a city instead of a racing map, plus it would attract more players to the server since it would have a higher player cap and more players Now i don't think increasing the maximum player cap is something in your hands as this game is pretty much not original but i just decided to put that in anyways. I really hope u can put those suggestions into use as that would help the game become more fun! Cheers
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