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  1. Sorry to repeat the topic, I do not know how to delete the first
  2. Hello I want to shoot some cinematic scenes But I want people from the police so we can film a chase scene Are you approve to start filming? Knowing that the police will be contacted Allow to my Crew to Record scenes This may take up to two days Give freedom of movement to photograph scenes Requirements: 1- Police officers to photograph two scenes The stalking scene natural views 2- Two or more people whose cars have been modified "tunnig" and are of the same class to race between them And then we'll do a chase scene 3- One or two people from “RES” to photograph an accident scene A simple introductory scene https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/745391065556713626/745751942524960828/WhatsApp_Video_2020-07-27_at_12.40.07_AM_edit.mp4 By Dawnselt
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