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My Accounts / Minhas Contas / Mis cuentas / حساباتي / Hesaplarım: Applegi Applegii Applegiii and Yodyahmed

Ban Reason / Razão de Banimento / Motivo de expulsión / سبب الحظر / Yasağı Sebep: Multiaccount.. i think?

Explain yourself / Explique-se / Explicate / عرف نفسك / Kendini tanıt: The first 3 accounts were made because the password wasn't somehow working on any of them, it was working on the site but it wasn't working on the launcher so thats why i made 3 accounts, the 4th was because i didn't know how to play the game and the first 3 accounts had like -40k and i also told my brother to come play with me thats when me and him tried to join and it said "User name is currently banned"

im not sure if thats because of the multi accounts but yea I won't do that again.

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