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Renting Cars

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You can rent cars at LFSPro Cruise. Here we have few tips about renting cars:

  • You can rent a car from a rental company or through cell phones
  • Car rental companies are owned by other players and they set the cars and prices.
  • Cell phone rental is limited to just a few cars


You can rent cars through a rental store or using a cell phone. The operation of both rents is identical: you pay to use a vehicle for the amount of minutes you decide. After the rental period ends, the car will automatically return to Insim. If the player is using it at the time the rent ends, he will be moved to spectator.

It is not possible to rent cars when you have other rental vehicles or quest vehicles. Some quests add a car automatically and remain active even after reconnecting to the server until the quest is completed.

Below you can see a short video showing how to rent cars:

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