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Achievements & Quests

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The LFSPro Cruise has an achievement and quests system. Here we have few tips about these systems:

  • You can check your achievements using the command !achievements
  • You can check your quests using the command !quests
  • You receive rewards when you get a new achievement
  • A short message gives you a clue about that achievement
  • Quests are started on NPCs


The achievement system was designed to add extra fun features in the server. These achievements can be reach intentionally or not, and players can share spoiler's about them. In a way to keep the fun about getting achievements, the LFSPro won't share spoilers about it.



The quests system is designed to provide "missions". These missions, in almost all times, have a kind of "history" behind it and gives the player some special rewards, such as access to licences, access to parts or new NPCs. They can also provide payment in cash, coins and cars. Again, LFSPro won't share spoilers about it, but players are free to tell each other about them.

To start the quests, simply answer the NPC questions or copy the word in cyan. Remember that NPCs cannot distinguish when you are talking to them or talking to a friend. Due it, avoid typing on chat while you are in a place/NPC on LFSPro Cruise.


The achievements and quests displayed in cyan means that they were achieved.

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