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You can measure the actual power of your car using the DynoJet dynamometer. Here we have few tips about how to use the DynoJet:

  • The power is read real and instantaneously
  • Factors like differential, clutch and engine damage can change the power read
  • Setups do not interfere with read power
  • There will always be a difference between readings, such as in real life
  • There will always be a difference between the power recorded in the forum and the measurement in the dynamometer


To measure the power of your car, you need to go to the DynoJet. This feature is not available on all maps and at this time the following maps have a DynoJet: FernBay.

Some external factors may influence the power measurement, such as worn clutches, changed differentials from the original (RWD cars using AWD differential, for example), engine damage. Factors such as tire type, setup, gear ratio and nitro do not influence the measured power. Also remember that this system may be in Beta stage, which means that problems will occur.

To take an accurate measurement, follow the steps below after starting the measurement:

  • Accelerate gently just enough to get to the third gear, never exceeding 2000 RPM;
  • When reaching the third gear, maintain 2000 RPM;
  • The fourth gear will be put on its own. Accelerate gently until 2000 RPM is maintained again;
  • Keep fourth gear and 2000 RPM until you are asked to accelerate to the maximum;
  • If 2000 RPM has passed or no message has been sent about what to do, release the throttle until the RPM drops to 1500 and restarts the process.

Below you can see a short video explaining how to use DynoJet:

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