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My FZ5 is gone because of 2 Rescuer's unforeseen mistake

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Players: ZeDroguinha ;  rafaelslk 

Situation / Situação: Firstly I ran out of oil and needed a rescuer to take me Big Maicon and call for one of them in the server. (Min. 2:10 -Rescuer takes me-) The first mistake by RES Kona (rafaelsik) >> while he towed me to the big Maicon he didn't wait for me to dock off and drove fastly somewhere else(Minute 6:03 - after big Maicon RES Kona doesn't wait and go somewhere else). Then after I lost my money in hand I go pits and then call another Rescuer whose name is RES DROGAS,  as you will see in the mpr record (Münute 11:58) he took me and after we go to Santander Bank, this dude caused by mistake to get lose my car and got -100 condition statement in (minute 17:19), I please want you to help me to get my FZ5 back as fair. I believe in the mistakes from buggies in the server and by staff people and I can bear and see this answer would be right. Take care...

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