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Oil Change & Militec

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You must change your vehicle's oil to protect the engine. Here we have few tips about oil change and Militec:

  • New vehicles start with enough oil for 100km
  • You can exchange the oil from the car or Militec at Big Maicon
  • A vehicle without oil will lose much faster condition
  • Without oil, a vehicle loses 100% of condition in 20 km
  • Militec gives it extra protection for motors


As in real life, the oil of a vehicle should always be changed to avoid wear in the condition of the vehicle. You can check the remaining mileage of the current oil, change oil or add Militec on Big Maicon.

Militec acts as an extra protection. When the oil in a car is gone, the condition begins to decrease rapidly. Using Militec, the engine can still run for up to 50 km without being damaged. Below you can see a short video talking about oil change:

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