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Bank Transfer

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You can transfer money to other players directly into their bank account. Here we have few tips about transfers:

  • You must know the agency and account numbers of the player you will send money
  • Typing wrongly any number may result in money loss
  • You can transfer money in any bank
  • Players who has access to the cell phone can also use the Bank app to make transfers


Bank transfers are a safe option to send money to other player's. You can check your agency and bank account number using the command !account. To proceed with a money transfer, you must know the receiver agency and account number.

Sending money to a wrong/inexistent agency and account may result in money loss as the transfer cannot be undone. A small fee is also applied to each transfer, and it's value is deduced from the total amount to transfer. For example, if the transfer amount is Lp$100 and the transfer fee is Lp$6, the receiver will receive Lp$94.

Below you can see a small video explaining how to deposit and withdraw money:

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