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Refining Marijuana

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You can refine Marijuana for your own use or to sell and earn some money. Here we have few tips about how to refine Marijuana:

  • You can sell Marijuana to Pablito or to other players
  • You must have the Marijuana Leaves to produce Marijuana
  • You don't need any special items to produce Marijuana
  • The Marijuana Refinery is not available in all maps


Before planting Marijuana, you need to verify that the current map has the Farmer. To verify that the current map has the Farmer, use the !gps command. It is at the Farmer that the player will plant Marijuana to obtain Marijuana Leaves, which will later be used at the refinery and then turn them into Marijuana.

Before you can start refining Marijuana, you need to make sure your current map has a refinery, as not all maps have a Marijuana Refinery. To verify that the current map has one, use the !gps command. You need Marijuana Leaves to refine the drug, as previously mentioned..

To begin refining, simply go to the Refinery and use the START button. Refining will then begin. Refined units are automatically added to your inventory. Remember that the bigger the Community Goal Tier, the shorter the time and the more units will be produced at a time.

Below you can see a short video showing how to plant and refine Marijuana:


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