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  1. Event Type /(Race) Date /7.06.2019 Version /(6U) CAR:FXR This is an open challenge. Me and our team for a reason to enjoy the server from the funky chicken '' Stance N '' team from the kicker. Server kick as follows: '' I'm Recording '' may ask us to go smoothly instead of blaming for no reason. We videotaped you to pull out while confronting with you. Remember, if you don't come to the tournament, you're a coward. We are 11 years players..We can't be insulted by yesterday's shit like yours. Remember who you are.(The losers in the lisence are blowing up here.) ''When it comes time for dishonesty and unnecessary self-confidence in the crowd,we will not forgive.'' -CLUTCH FUSİON TEAM ccc d
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