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  1. NEXT12

    city hell my car

    Fack to this system man stupid
  2. NEXT12

    city hell my car

    Today, after the map was changed, I found that I had a fine of 10 thousand, but after paying it, I also could not find my car in the used cars department. Is it wrong with me or what? Please help me solve this problem I also have a query as to how many accounts I can create in my computer 2 - Another question If I have two accounts, can I delete one to create another one?
  3. When I pulled my car I left the game because I was angry and now after almost 15 days I have returned and so far I have not found it in the used cars section
  4. I had a fine of 10,000 and I did not have money to pay. A policeman stopped me and took my car and I do not know how to get back My car please help They told me to go to the used cars section of the forum but I did not find them I needed help please
  5. If I can return my car or not, tell me I can
  6. NEXT12

    Where my car

    I have a problem and please help me In the game I bought the most expensive XRT car I do not know how much horsepower and I had a fine of 10k A policeman stopped me and pulled my car because I had a fine over 5k but when I went to city hall to pay it I got 0 without paying it and now I do not know how to get my car back What is problem?
  7. NEXT12

    Where my car

    لدي مشكلة والرجاء مساعدتي في اللعبة اشتريت أغلى سيارة XRT وأنا لا أعرف مقدار القدرة الحصانية وكان لدي غرامة قدرها 10 آلاف أوقفني أحد رجال الشرطة وسحب سيارتي لأنه كان لدي غرامة تزيد عن 5 آلاف ، لكن عندما ذهبت إلى جحيم المدينة لأدفعها ، حصلت على 0 دون أن أدفعها ، والآن لا أعرف كيفية استرداد سيارتي
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