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  1. Hello @skinzinho & @Negan. I'm making this topic/section to provide information of the players who are frequently getting the errors of "Master Server Cannot Reply to Game", well at least that is what i am getting anyways. In saying that can you please both or either tell us (comment below) what is going on so players don't need to keep making topics/threads for the same issue when there is this one here and then they can just click on it and find the comments, thanks lads. Yours Sincerely, Daniel.
  2. Don't stress it bud. I'm always here to help. If you do really appreciate helping, Hit that little button down the bottom right of my comments, that would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  3. If you're getting the error message of "Error, Username is already online" please navigate your way to this website; https://discordapp.com/channels/367412953512673280/450382359603314688 In that one, all you need to do is post your username in-which you use in-game. The others will look after it for you and notify you once it has been completed and set to offline so you can join.
  4. Unfortunately something is going on with the server, whether it's maintenance or bugs i'm not too sure. Hopefully it will be up and running smoothly soon. @Negan @skinzinho
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