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  1. KevinRacer


    Ja tem a gasosa aditivada que tem mesma funçao
  2. E mesmo, o processo de medida no dynamometro nao é de 0km/h ate uma velocidade mais de 0km/h a uma velocidade onde faz 2000rpm na 3 marcha e na 4. De ai ,tu acelera ate o fundo, na 4, sem trocar marcha ate o limitador.
  3. O lazy tem essa funçao de medir o tempo 0 100 0 150 0 200 0 300
  4. KevinRacer

    Fundo falso

    O maré ira a falar so quando alguem ter drogas sem o fundo. Pra quem tem o fundo falso, o trabalho vai ser de voces achar quem tem e quem nao ovviamente com probabilidade de nao achar nada mesmo. Se mover-se e controlar os jogadores è problema pra que fazer o cop ?
  5. KevinRacer


    Verdade, mas sla o essekasse que sabe nao eu.
  6. KevinRacer


    Esta sao chamadas sugestoes slc, nao aquelas com detalhe. Bagulho e sla tanto faz tlgd.
  7. So today when I put overboost in my rb4 i noticed that even though the tweaker was changing it, if I went to see the overboost again in ftech it would say the stock pressure and no the overboosted but you can see ,that in pressure, the overboost is applied. Small bug https://www.mediafire.com/file/uc6zq98vkflkpvk/Live_for_Speed_12_09_2019_14_17_23.mp4/file
  8. So today i went to the gas station to refuel with exactly 1000lp$, I clicked start and, after a while, it said that I didn't have enough money. At first I thought that it didn't because the price to pay was saying 500lp$ but then I understood that the price wasn't counting 50lp$ a litre but 25. It's a small error. https://www.mediafire.com/file/qnhmvmvsfoo2r8w/Live_for_Speed_01_09_2019_00_02_42.mp4/file a recreation of the situation
  9. KevinRacer

    Fo8 dashboard

    So today I tried matheuzzstradale's fo8 and i noticed that as soon as I was leaving the box with the fo8, the dashboard, after a couple of seconds, disappeared. When I gave the car back to mtz, he also had the problem, but before giving it to me the problem wasn't occuring. I noticed that the dashboard disappeared as soon as the rpm got changed by the tweaker , I guess (?). Now mtz has the car, with the problem. https://www.mediafire.com/file/y8yld1fkolhd8wy/Live_for_Speed_28_08_2019_23_44_43.mp4/file
  10. so today i found out that if you type !fbm it shows fox and if you type !fox it shows fbm https://www.mediafire.com/file/5nuwbo03rqhusz1/Live_for_Speed_28_08_2019_22_45_48.mp4/file
  11. KevinRacer


    In the limited serie list instead of countryside it says contryside https://www.mediafire.com/view/uxs88ij6v6myhpo/S90827-14403159.jpg/file
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