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  1. Negan

    News / Novidades

    I would like to tell you about our news. As usual, all modifications done on our services are described here: http://forum.lfspro.net/index.php?/updates/ We may forget some small things/changes. Also, I would like to tell you that we still working on our Tutorials section for the LFSPro Cruise. It means you gonna see more tutorials comming on next days. Please be advised that we have LFSPro as a hobby, and all money spent on our store is used to maintain our services up and running. So, be patient with missing things.
  2. Negan

    LFSPro Master Server No changes / Sem alterações LFSPro Launcher Added support to new LFSPro server / Adicionado suporte ao novo servidor LFSPro; Added strobo lights / Adicionado luzes estroboscópicas; Fixed small bugs / Corrigidos pequenos bugs. LFSPro Cruise Finished buttons adjustment on !account / Finalizado ajustes de botões no !conta; Removed red light fines for on duty rescuers / Removida multa de avanço de semáforo para resgates ativos; Illegal items (those that are not seized) now go to warehouse during searches / Itens ilegais (os que não são apreendidos) agora vão para o depósito durante a revista; Skins painting system improved / Melhorado sistema de pinturas; The Car Taxes and fines can be paid now using the cellphone (not all models) / O IPVA e multas agora podem ser pagas pelo celular (nem todos os modelos); Rework on drugs system. Now, the produced ecstasy and marijuana are considered "normal" drugs and can be used/sell / Sistema de drogas retrabalhado. Agora, ecstasy e maconha produzidos são considerados drogas "normais" e podem ser usados/vendidos; Meth now can be sold to Pablito / Metanfetamina pode agora ser vendida para o Pablito; Meth 50% can be purchased on Pablito / Metanfetamina 50% pode ser comprada no Pablito; Weapons now can be sold back to FIB / Armas agora podem ser vendidas de volta para o FIB; Working on translation system. Many things already translated to spanish, but still a work in progress / Trabalhando no sistema de tradução. Diversas coisas já foram traduzidas para o espanhol, mas ainda continua um trabalho em progresso; LFSPro Forum Improvements on translation files / Melhorias nos arquivos de tradução.
  3. Negan


    Contas removidas e ban revertido em 30 dias.
  4. Negan

    Problem with displaying server lists

    You are checking servers on 6R. Server's are responsibilities of their owners.
  5. Negan

    fui banido ;c

    Contas removidas e desbanido.
  6. Dentro de alguns dias iremos liberar novas séries limitadas, juntamente com mais alguns veículos de séries limitadas que já existem. Entretanto, vamos liberar apenas as duas séries mais votadas. Vote na enquete para a série que você gostaria de ver novamente disponível. In a few days we will release new limited series, along with a few more limited series vehicles that already exist. However, we will release only the two most voted series. Vote the poll for the series you would like to see available again.
  7. Negan


    Nice. You can upload printscreens
  8. Negan

    banido por multi contas

    Contas removidas e desbanido.
  9. Atualmente estamos trabalhando na atualização Insim. Uma coisa que estamos planejando para essa atualização é o suporte a novos idiomas. Então, para começar a tradução, gostaríamos de convidar todos os jogadores que falam espanhol/castelhano para participar. Claro, nós daremos recompensas a esses jogadores. A exigência é um espanhol/castelhano fluente/língua materna e algum conhecimento de inglês ou português. Se você quiser se juntar à equipe de tradutores, me chame (ou skinzinho ou trabulo) no Discord.
  10. We are currently working on the Insim update. One thing we are planning for this update is the support to new languages. So, to start the translation, we would like to invite all players who speaks Spanish/Castilian to participate on it. Of course, we will give rewards to these players. The requirement is a fluent/mother tongue spanish/castilian and some knowledge of english or portuguese. If you want to join translators team, call me (or skinzinho or trabulo) on Discord.
  11. Negan


    We do not provide Tweak support here. However, close ALL instances of running LFS' and be sure you are using LFSTweaker and LFS 0.6T.
  12. On this turn, we are going to auction Blackwood Fuel Station. Initial bid is: Lp$1.200.000. Bid step is: Lp$50.000. Only make an offer if you are really interested on this business. Please be aware that when the auction ends, the winner MUST have the bid value on BANK account. If not, the player will be fined in Lp$1.000.000 plus a 7-day ban from Cruise. To access the Auction page, please folow this link: HERE About this business: Fuel stations earn money by selling fuel and fuel cans. The fuel is purchased at Lp$3.60 (actual price, may change in future) / liter and can be sold at any price the owner wants. To avoid higher prices, one fuel station on each map will belong to Insim.
  13. Negan

    Negan pls read this

    I'm aware of all screenshots from you. You tried to insult not once or twice, but many times including on Discord. As we said before, PAY TO PLAY or move to original/another server. We don't like people like you here. And if you start a new thread, I gonna block you also from reading the forum.
  14. Negan

    Skinzinho Baniu de proposito para comprar unban

    Denied. Here, we don't accept people like you. Move to original LFS.
  15. Negan

    LFSPro Master Server No changes / Sem alterações LFSPro Launcher Added support to new LFSPro server / Adicionado suporte ao novo servidor LFSPro; Added support to gearbox types / Adicionado suporte aos tipos de caixa de marcha; Fixed small bugs / Corrigidos pequenos bugs. LFSPro Cruise Added new commands for Cops / Adicionados novos comandos para Policiais; Removed fee for VIPs while moving cars to City Hall Parking Lot / Removida taxa para VIPs enquanto movimentação de carros para o Estacionamento da Prefeitura; Added new clutch on Gearhead Garage / Adicionada nova embreagem na Gearhead Garage; Added sequential gearbox on Gearhead Garage / Adicionado câmbio sequencial na Gearhead Garage; Added 2 new quests / Adicionadas duas novas quests; Changed some screen design / Modificado design de algumas telas; Changed maximum pending fines from Lp$500.000 to Lp$750.000 before reset and ban / Alterado máximo de multas pendentes de Lp$500.000 para Lp$750.000 antes do reset e ban; Many performance changes / Diversas modificações de performance; Added new cars to Limited Series / Adicionados novos carros às Séries Limitadas; Added new items on Store / Adicionados novos itens na Loja; Added new vouchers on Roulette / Adicionados novos vouchers na Roleta. LFSPro Forum Moved forum files to a VPS / Arquivos do fórum movidos para um VPS; Many performance changes done / Feitas inúmeras modificações de performance.