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  1. Negan

    Negan pls read this

    I'm aware of all screenshots from you. You tried to insult not once or twice, but many times including on Discord. As we said before, PAY TO PLAY or move to original/another server. We don't like people like you here. And if you start a new thread, I gonna block you also from reading the forum.
  2. Negan

    Skinzinho Baniu de proposito para comprar unban

    Denied. Here, we don't accept people like you. Move to original LFS.
  3. Negan

    News / Novidades

    I would like to tell you about our news. As usual, all modifications done on our services are described here: http://forum.lfspro.net/index.php?/updates/ We may forget some small things/changes. Also, I would like to tell you that we still working on our Tutorials section for the LFSPro Cruise. It means you gonna see more tutorials comming on next days. Please be advised that we have LFSPro as a hobby, and all money spent on our store is used to maintain our services up and running. So, be patient with missing things. We also would like to welcome again the players from Georgian Cruise and LFSBrasil, who decided to move to LFSPro. And if you have a server, remember that moving to LFSPro is free.
  4. Negan

    LFSPro Master Server No changes / Sem alterações LFSPro Launcher Added support to new LFSPro server / Adicionado suporte ao novo servidor LFSPro; Added support to gearbox types / Adicionado suporte aos tipos de caixa de marcha; Fixed small bugs / Corrigidos pequenos bugs. LFSPro Cruise Added new commands for Cops / Adicionados novos comandos para Policiais; Removed fee for VIPs while moving cars to City Hall Parking Lot / Removida taxa para VIPs enquanto movimentação de carros para o Estacionamento da Prefeitura; Added new clutch on Gearhead Garage / Adicionada nova embreagem na Gearhead Garage; Added sequential gearbox on Gearhead Garage / Adicionado câmbio sequencial na Gearhead Garage; Added 2 new quests / Adicionadas duas novas quests; Changed some screen design / Modificado design de algumas telas; Changed maximum pending fines from Lp$500.000 to Lp$750.000 before reset and ban / Alterado máximo de multas pendentes de Lp$500.000 para Lp$750.000 antes do reset e ban; Many performance changes / Diversas modificações de performance; Added new cars to Limited Series / Adicionados novos carros às Séries Limitadas; Added new items on Store / Adicionados novos itens na Loja; Added new vouchers on Roulette / Adicionados novos vouchers na Roleta. LFSPro Forum Moved forum files to a VPS / Arquivos do fórum movidos para um VPS; Many performance changes done / Feitas inúmeras modificações de performance.
  5. You can buy parking spaces on City Hall. Here we have few tips about buying parking spaces: Parking spaces on City Hall can be used to store a car You can use these spaces to have multiple cars of the same model A small fee is charged every time you move a car from Garage to Parking Lot VIPs don't not pay the fee The City Hall's Parking Lot has no relations with VIP Parking Lot You can only move a car from Parking Lot to your Garage if you don't have any other car else of that specific model on Garage The Parking Lot on City Hall was created to allow players to buy multiple cars of the same model, without needing to sell them to another player. For example, a player can own 2 FXOs: one stay on Garage (active) while the second one stays on City Hall's Parking Lot (inactive). Remember that is not possible to move one car from Parking Lot to the Garage if you already own a car of that model. In the case above, the player must move firstly the active FXO from Garage to Parking Lot. Then, he can move the desired car from Parking Lot to Garage. Below you can see a small video explaining how to buy spaces and move the cars:
  6. Negan

    Swearing and 3 crash

    This section is only for LFSPro Cruise. For other servers, please contact the server owner/admin.
  7. You can buy some licences on City Hall located on Forum. Here we have few tips about the City Hall's licences: Some licences must be renewed from time to time Some licences can be lost Some licences has their own requirements The City Hall on Forum is an extension of City Hall located on LFSPro Cruise. There you will find some items and licences. We currently have 4 licences available on the City Hall and we will explain about each one below: Taxi Driver This licence is required by those who would like to work as a Taxi Driver. As this licence is mandatory, the job will be available only for players who paid for this licence. Also, it must be renewed at 15th and 30th if the player wants to continue working as a Taxi Driver. The player won't lose this licence in any condition, except on expiration days. Licence: Taxi Driver Expire: Yes Can be lost: No Requirements: None Head Hunter This licence is required by those who would like to work as Head Hunter. As Head Hunter, the player will hunt wanted players for cash. As higher the wanted level of a player, higher is the reward paid to the Head Hunter. This licence can be lost if the Head Hunter tries to kill other players except the wanteds, or if the tries to rob any player or the bank. Also, with this licence, the player can carry weapons and ammo without being fined/arrested by the police. If the lost EXP goes below the minimum required, the Head Hunter will lost his licence. Licence: Head Hunter Expire: No Can be lost: Yes Requirements: Total 5500 EXP Car Tuning This licence is required by those who would like to increase car performance. This licence is paid just once and cannot be lost. A minimum reputation is required. Licence: Car Tuning Expire: No Can be lost: No Requirements: 2000 Reputation Gun Carrying This licence is required by those who would like to carry a gun and ammo without being arrested by the police. With this licence, the player can carry a gun for self defense. Also, the player will lost this licence if he tries to rob or kill another player, or if tries to rob the bank. Licence: Gun Carrying Expire: No Can be lost: Yes Requirements: 1000 Reputation, 0 Wanted Stars, 0 Warning Points, 0 Warning Stage, 0 Kills on the week The City Hall can be accessed through this link: City Hall
  8. Negan

    Week Auction / Leilão da Semana

    On this turn, we are going to auction South City Fuel Station. Initial bid is: Lp$1.200.000. Bid step is: Lp$50.000. Only make an offer if you are really interested on this business. Please be aware that when the auction ends, the winner MUST have the bid value on BANK account. If not, the player will be fined in Lp$1.000.000 plus a 7-day ban from Cruise. To access the Auction page, please folow this link: HERE About this business: Fuel stations earn money by selling fuel and fuel cans. The fuel is purchased at Lp$3.60 (actual price, may change in future) / liter and can be sold at any price the owner wants. To avoid higher prices, one fuel station on each map will belong to Insim.
  9. Negan

    Ipva command

    The problem with this command is related to many different models we have. I will think about it and check what I can do.
  10. Negan

    fui banido e quero excluir essa conta

  11. Negan

    Banido por ter mais que uma conta lfs pro

    All accounts deleted except lucasdc21.
  12. Negan

    Multi Account

    All accounts deleted except BielHueYTBR.
  13. Negan

    Banido por ter mais de uma conta

    All accounts deleted except BMT 17.
  14. Negan

    Minha Conta Foi Banida.

    All accounts deleted except Miguel_Sheyn.
  15. Speed limit on toll area is 25Km/H. Not 40, not 50, not 30. It's 25Km/H. Driving over this limit you take the risk to be fined by a mobile speedcam.